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Reach More Learners in Communities Across Ontario

Using Contact North | Contact Nord’s Free EdTech Platform Service

Contact North provides free use of and training on three EdTech platforms for Ontario’s public colleges, universities, Indigenous institutes and other training providers to deliver their online programs and courses:
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Learning Management System

This asynchronous platform is used to deliver online courses including multimedia content and collaborative activities. Thousands of education and training providers use the Moodle platform to deliver their online courses.

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Virtual Classroom

This synchronous platform is used to deliver live, online courses, including opportunities for collaboration between learners and faculty/instructors. BigBlueButton can be integrated with Moodle for robust blended learning courses for learners.

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Extended Reality (XR)


XR platforms create immersive learning environments using virtual reality (VR) headsets, mobile devices, and computers to help learners better understand complex topics, develop practical skills in a safe and controlled environment, and explore different parts of the world all without leaving the classroom.

In addition to free use of the platforms, Contact North provides free access to:

On an annual basis, 25 college, university and other education and training providers deliver 1,800 online courses and support 47,000 learner registrations using Contact North’s three free EdTech platforms.

Contact North can help your institution serve more learners in communities across Ontario through the use of these three platforms and allow you to focus on developing and delivering quality online programs and courses while Contact North manages the IT infrastructure for you.

As Contact North is funded by the Government of Ontario, the free EdTech Platform Service is available only to Ontario’s public colleges, universities, Indigenous institutes, literacy and basic skills and other training providers.

Contact us for more information on how you can use the three free EdTech platforms to deliver your online programs and courses.

Joni Sharkey, MET
Director, EdTech Platform Service
Contact North | Contact Nord