More Ontario Students Moving to Distance Education and Online Learning

Contact North | Contact Nord Helps More Students Participate in Credit Courses at Ontario’s Public Colleges, Universities, and High Schools

(Thunder Bay – January 31, 2012) – Contact North | Contact Nord, Ontario’s distance education and training network, saw a 20.4% increase from fall 2010 to fall 2011 in the number of credit course registrations it supports for Ontario’s public colleges, universities, and high schools.

“Last year, Contact North | Contact Nord made a commitment to grow these three areas specifically in order to help more students on the path towards a diploma or degree,” said Paul Taillefer, Chair of the Board of Directors at Contact North | Contact Nord. “We’re very pleased to have achieved that goal and we believe that it’s a trend that will continue as more people come to see distance and online learning as a tool that they can use to reach their educational goals.”

In total, in the fall of 2011, Contact North | Contact Nord supported 9,448 registrations in secondary or post-secondary credit courses – up from just under 7,849 the previous fall.

The majority of the increase was fuelled by significant growth in the number of credit university course registrations supported. In the fall of 2010 Contact North | Contact Nord supported 788 registrations university courses, and by fall of 2011 that number had grown to 2,086.

This result supports the Ontario government’s commitment to see 70% of adults in Ontario with a post-secondary education credential.

Distance education and online learning are viable solutions for those who live in communities where a college or university campus is far away and where high-speed connections are not always available. As well, the flexibility of these styles of learning attracts students looking for a way to balance work, family and professional development.

“Distance education and online learning are opening up new opportunities for students of all ages, in all walks of life, and in all areas of the province,” said Contact North | Contact Nord President and Chief Executive Officer, Maxim Jean-Louis. “Our partners in Ontario’s 24 colleges, 20 universities, school boards, literacy and essential skills and other training providers recognize this and are working closely with us to make even more of these learning opportunities available for students.”