Contact North I Contact Nord opens a new online learning centre at Six Nations Polytechnic’s Brantford Campus

Contact North I Contact Nord opens a new online learning centre at Six Nations
Polytechnic’s Brantford Campus

BRANTFORD, ON – Contact North I Contact Nord officially has a new home in Brantford at Six
Nations Polytechnic (SNP), and it’s the perfect fit. With the convenient new online learning
centre, everyone in the Grand River territory can get a degree, diploma or certificate or
upgrade their skills online and in their community. With access to over 18,000 online courses,
there are plenty of options for upgrading or accessing further post-secondary programing at

An open house is taking place at the Contact North I Contact Nord online learning centre on
August 28, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Six Nations Polytechnic Campus, 411
Elgin Street, Room A105, Brantford, Ontario.

Both organizations are committed to bridging gaps in education and creating the best
outcomes for learners of all backgrounds and skill sets, meaning the shared space at SNP’s
Brantford Campus makes sense for everyone. Since setting up the online learning centre in
June 2018, Contact North I Contact Nord and Six Nations Polytechnic are working closely
together to deliver online courses for SNP’s new We Are Welders program.

“The We Are Welders program for women started with its first ten students last week and has
been going great so far,” said Mary Fuke, Trades Development Officer at SNP. “We are
especially excited about working with Contact North to offer our students online courses on
goal setting, WHMIS, workplace safety, personal protective equipment, and more! It truly is
wonderful having Contact North in the same building because our students can also drop in
and catch up on school work or take any other courses in their spare time.”

Samantha Fisher, Contact North | Contact Nord’s Online Learning Recruitment Officer for the
Grand River territory, is available to talk about local services and provide information on over
1,000 online programs and 18,000 online courses available from Ontario’s 24 public
colleges, 22 public universities, 9 Indigenous institutes, 76 district school boards, 200 literacy
and basic skills providers, and 50 skills development training providers.

“Information is available about our services to help students succeed in their studies,
including online programs and courses, financial aid, and the use of web conferencing,
videoconferencing and audioconferencing distance learning platforms,” says Fisher.
“Students can use our online learning centre to access our computer workstations with highspeed Internet and access exam invigilation services”.

Funded by the Government of Ontario | Subventionné par le gouvernement de l’Ontario
Samantha is available to support residents throughout The Grand River territory which
includes the City of Brantford, Haldimand, Brant and Norfolk Counties, Mississaugas of the
New Credit First Nation and Six Nations of the Grand River. Not only is Samantha able to meet
students at Six Nations Polytechnic but also in their local communities.

The move to Brantford means an increase in services due to the high-speed Internet access
and modern, state of the art technology at Six Nations Polytechnic. As a result of a $5 milliondollar grant from the Government of Canada’s Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic
Investment Fund, SNP was able to improve learning spaces with energy efficient lighting,
increase Wi-Fi access throughout the building, and install a 400-kilowatt solar net on the
rooftop to become a “green” campus.