Online Learning Research Agenda for Ontario

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On the campuses of Ontario’s 24 public colleges and 20 public universities, faculty are working to improve the online learning experience for their students through research and evaluation.

Contact North | Contact Nord is assembling a database of researchers in online learning at public colleges and universities in Ontario, including their particular research interests.

In the interest of encouraging a sector-wide dialogue and exchange of ideas on online learning research, we developed Toward an Online Research Agenda for Ontario: Themes, Opportunities and Challenges which explores the current state of online learning research and what a potential research agenda for online learning in Ontario might look like.

Toward an Online Learning Research Agenda for Ontario: Themes, Opportunities, and Challenges

On page eight, we present five questions to the reader in an effort to collect information on the individuals and the topics that could be part of the agenda and its realization. Please send your responses to the five questions to