Cloud Computing – Education will Never be the Same

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Cloud computing ("the cloud") represents the most significant change to the way we use information technology since the introduction of the World Wide Web. The cloud allows us to access our work anywhere, anytime and share it with anyone. It frees us from needing a particular machine to access a file or an application like a word processor or spreadsheet program.

The cloud is changing the way people communicate, work and learn and, as a result, it is changing the way they pursue post-secondary education and how post-secondary institutions are meeting their needs.

In this changing environment, it’s important that we think about the opportunities and risks that cloud computing presents for the post-secondary education sector, what we can learn from how some are already making use of this technology, and how we proceed from here.

Part One – What is the Cloud and why Should we Care?

Part Two – Cloud Computing Opportunities for Post-Secondary Education

Part Three - Meeting the Challenges of the Cloud in Post-Secondary Education