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Advice for Online Learning in Ontario from 13 Experts

Advice for Online Learning in Ontario from 13 Canadian and International Experts.
What is the biggest challenge facing online and distance learning today?

Cloud Computing

Learn why cloud computing represents the single most significant change in the way we use information technology since the introduction of the World Wide Web. Find out what opportunities and risks cloud computing presents for post-secondary education.

Copyright Law in Canada

Find out how the 2012 changes to Canada’s copyright laws are affecting online learning. Learn how the changes impact teaching and sharing materials online.

Cost Savings Through Online Learning

Explore five key strategies that leading institutions around the world are using to achieve costs savings and greater effectiveness

Establishing Learning Centres Anywhere

Institutions establish learning centres to extend their reach by providing access to learner support services closer to learners’ homes and businesses.

Evolving Pedagogy

The way in which we teach and learn is changing at a faster pace than it ever has before.  Learn how the landscape is changing and what it means for today’s classroom.

Greater Flexibility as the New Mantra

Many in post-secondary education speak of the students’ need for greater “flexibility” without defining either the meaning of this term or documenting its implications.

How to Make the Most of Blended Learning

You can use blended learning to encourage more engaged and interactive learning for your students. After defining and outlining some of the benefits and challenges of blended learning, we offer examples of ways blended learning has been used effectively in colleges and universities in Ontario.

Institutional Strategy for Online Learning

Explore the critical role of online learning in long-term institutional planning.  Find out how the evolving digital world and the changing expectations of students are impacting institutional strategy.

Key Concepts of Online Learning

Explore key concepts of online learning including Blended Learning , Open Education Resources (OER), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Mobile Learning.

Learning Analytics

Discover how learning analytics can help us better understand and optimize learning, as well as the key factors to consider when collecting, analyzing and using this data.

Learning Management Systems

Find out what questions to ask to ensure you’re getting the most from your current learning management system, and discover how to build a framework to meet the future needs of your students.

Media Coverage of Online Learning

How Online Learning Moved onto the Front Pages of Canadian Newspapers

Online Learning Research Agenda for Ontario

On the campuses of Ontario’s 24 public colleges and 20 public universities, faculty are working to improve the online learning experience for their students through research and evaluation.

Open Education Resources

How really relevant and practical are Open Educational Resources? A case for a little humility about the potential.

Outlook for Online Learning

Find out what the future might hold for online learning and distance education.

Private Sector Impact

Explore the impact that the corporate educators are having on the world of online learning

Strategic Mandate Agreements Proposals

Overview of the Strategic Mandate Agreement Proposals of Ontario’s Public Colleges and Universities: Online Learning Set to Expand and Become a Core function.

Understanding Building Blocks of Online Learning

Understanding the Building Blocks of Online Learning through the writings and research of pre-eminent online learning expert, Dr. Tony Bates.

Will MOOCS be Game Changers

Free to the learner, MOOCs are high quality online courses from some of the world’s leading universities.