Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences

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June - December 2014

Prepared by Clayton R. Wright

This conference list, now in its 31st edition, covers events that primarily focus on the use of technology in educational settings and on teaching, learning, and educational administration.

The author of the list, Clayton R. Wright, has expertise in curriculum development, instructional design, educational technology, distance education, and professional development in Canadian and international settings. He has secondary and post-secondary teaching and administrative experience in Québec, Ontario and Alberta; has taught media courses at the University of Alberta; and, led the Instructional Media and Design team at Grant MacEwan College.

Wright undertakes extensive research to compile the list and verify the information and web addresses. This list provides extensive coverage of the period from June 2014 to December 2014, with some additional events until July 2016 included, but he advises caution with the later entries. The listings are only complete until December 2014. Events, dates, titles, and locations may also change and some events may be cancelled. We recommend that you check the specific conference website, not only for basic information, but to be sure that the conference is legitimate.

If there is an event missing from the list that you would highly recommend, Clayton Wright would be happy to hear from you and add it to the next version of this list.

Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences – Full List

Conferences that May Be Worth Your Time

In response to frequent requests to recommend conferences, Clayton has compiled lists of events that he would suggest. Although the choice ultimately depends on each individual’s interests and funding, he offers three lists of events to consider.

The first list features events in which he has participated, and/or those he would willing to be involved in organizing or pay for attendance with his own funds. 

Those in the second group were highly recommended to him and, in most cases, he contributed to conference papers, and/or viewed video-taped sessions or papers placed online. 

The third list highlights conferences that deal with teaching and learning in a wider sense than the applications of technology.

Once you have selected a conference, he recommends that you read "How to Get the Most Out of a Conference" by Stephen Downes.