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On college and university campuses across Ontario, faculty and instructors are exploring how emerging technologies and online tools can improve the learning experience for students. In this growing series, Contact North | Contact Nord features projects that have three specific characteristics:

  • They represent a new approach.
  • They  support students.
  • The developers are prepared to share the challenges they’ve encountered and what they’ve learned with other public colleges and universities in Ontario.


Choose a category:

  • Read about best practices in training and development that enable faculty to introduce and enhance online and hybrid learning for their students.

  • Discover best practices in combining classroom and online learning, as well as some of their educational benefits and challenges.

  • Explore how colleges and universities are introducing online and hybrid learning– and changing how learning is delivered.

  • Explore the diversity of best practices in the development and teaching of online courses and the preparation and integration of learning resources.

  • Investigate best practices in fully online programs, pedagogy, core components, educational effectiveness, and challenges.

  • Discover resources ready for your use, with stories on how they were developed and tested to ensure learning effectiveness.

  • Read about exciting online projects for which colleges and universities are actively seeking development partners.

  • Peruse stories on the development of systems, software, and apps for more engaging and effective online learning.