Ontario Start-Ups

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With The Potential of Transforming Online Learning

Ontario has the second-largest concentration of technology companies in North America – second only to California - fuelled venture capitalists, angel investors, and government and educational programs, all of which have increased their funding dramatically in the past few years.

Intrinsic to this dynamic environment, entrepreneurs, many of them faculty and students in Ontario’s public colleges and universities, are creating start-ups focused on exciting, quality tools and apps that focus on student learning, provide new tools for faculty and instructors, make post-secondary education more accessible. Supported by educational incubation centres, many recent start-ups have progressed into successful companies that serve provincial, national, and international clients.

In this series, Contact North | Contact Nord features some of the best examples of Ontario educational entrepreneurship, highlighting products and services that are:

  • Targeted at improving the quality of the learning experience for students, enhancing teaching, increasing access to post-secondary education, or supporting efficiencies at public colleges and universities;
  • Widely used in post-secondary education; and
  • Readily available, either as commercial products or as open educational resources (OER).