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Online learning is coming of age.

From the early steps in 1993-1995, to major developments around the world – Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), multimedia customized text books, badges to accredit learning, on-demand online learning for credit, learning analytics – all are attracting a great deal of attention. Online learning can now be seen as an accepted part of the post-secondary education systems in many jurisdictions around the world. Ontario leads Canada in the provision of over 1,000 distance and online programs, over 18,000 distance and online courses, and over 500,000 registrations in online courses.

For college and university leaders, program developers and faculty/instructors, the challenge is to keep track of all of the developments and determine what is relevant to Ontario and the specific challenges faced by each game changer.

This is why Contact North | Contact Nord is offering the Game Changers in Online Learning Series to:

  1. Identify innovative developments which are relevant to Ontario and have potential to support initiatives now occurring in Ontario’s post-secondary system.
  2. Describe, in practical terms, these game changing developments without advocating for them or seeking to suggest how they can be applied to Ontario.
  3. Indicate the conditions which have enabled these developments – no two jurisdictions are the same. What is it about each of the game changers that created the opportunity for development to occur?

The individual Game Changers showcased are developed based on in-person visits, demonstrations, briefings, and direct face-to-face interviews with senior administrative decision-makers and key operational staff.